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SODIAN is the brand of the Kyobo Realco FM service and is a combination of the words, ‘soddisfazione’, meaning satisfaction in Italian, and the word ‘安,an’, which means comfort and safety. This brand name has been devised with the aim of providing great satisfaction to our clients and complete comfort to the tenants.

The logo of SODIAN has its basis on the IT and IOT of the digital era, and a circular point placed on the AN in SODIAN signifies that 'safety' is the ultimate goal of the Kyobo Realco FM service.

Our Services

24/7 safety center/remote alert

Alarm watch around the clock, On-site dispatch support for emergencies

Equipment inspection through QR codes

Mobile services for on-site preventive checkups QR code scans for facilities and equipment

Cooling and heating equipment turned ON/OFF

Mobile services for on-site preventive checkups QR code scans for facilities and equipment

Flood prevention and monitoring of the machine room, etc.

Prevention of large-scale damage through the preventive alert for spaces with a high risk of flooding such as the machine and electricity rooms, and the introduction of new materials

Systematic management through KPMS

Systematic and professional management of materials, safety, energy, etc., through the KPMS facility management menu

Indoor air quality monitoring through IoT

Real-time measurement of the indoor air temperature, fine dust, volatile organic compounds, etc. using wireless devices

Smart FM

KFMS reduces the time spent on management, and ensures accurate and rapid facility management (FM)

  • Preventive checkups for equipment
  • Safety checks for fire hazards
  • Inquiry into equipment details
  • Daily measuring management
  • Smart safety control

Indoor environment management
through IoT

Indoor measurements are verified in real time using wireless devices. Follow-up measures are enforced according to the monitoring results to alter the indoor temperature, humidity, fine dust, etc. for a more pleasant indoor environment Temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, fine dust, volatile organic compounds, etc.

Kyobo Realco realizes the most advanced property management
by FM Service SODIAN