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Technical infrastructure and expertise

The property service for logistics centers requires an established infrastructure and expertise. Kyobo Realco retains highly competitive experts and executes an optimal operating plan through task synergies for each business area

Thorough inspection by drones

A logistics center carries a high management risk due to its wide area, many inventories, etc. We use drones to check them thoroughly, including blind spots.

Safety management by precise sensor technology

We have detecting sensors to prevent the accidents caused by overloads and conduct safety diagnosis and data analysis of facilities.

Comprehensive property management service for logistics centers

We provide comprehensive solutions for logistics centers such as property management, facility management, transaction, leasing, development consulting, etc.

Arenas Yangji Logistics Center
  • Total floor area 349,722㎡
Icheon International Logistics Cente
  • Total floor area 23,148㎡
Yangji SLC Logistics Center
  • Total floor area 115,085㎡
Backam Logistics Center 1, 2
  • Total floor area 58,516㎡

Minimized risk of accidents and guaranteed complete safety through the subscription to a commercial general liability insurance

Consolidated insurance ensures maximum coverage with lower premiums than those of the peer group

  • Delivery of regular safety education
  • Operation of a nationwide integrated safety management center 24/7
  • Retention of the quality control system
  • Retention of a manual, procedure, and guide for each service

A dedicated organization
for logistics centers in operation

  • Property management
  • Facility management
  • Risk management, legal affairs management
  • Tenant management, supplier management
  • Leasing service for logistics centers
  • Transaction consulting
  • Market survey and database establishment
  • Feasibility consulting for the development and operation of logistics centers