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Professional property management for each type

With changes of new economic activities and lifestyles, Property market environment is also changing in various ways. Kyobo Realco guarantees quality of property management with extensive experience and specific strategies.

Type-Specific Property Management Plan
  • Owner and purpose
  • Use of property
  • Characteristics of user

With the diversification of the property market, it is important to experience and deeply understand each type of properties.

We successfully perform property management with our type-specific plans and systematic process.

Management experience by property type

  • 1,670,000

  • 140,000

  • 60000

  • 70,000

  • 40,000

  • 100,000

A dedicated marketing team for the strategic increase of revenue

  • Synergy through cooperative marketing between dedicated organizations
  • Planning and implementation of marketing strategies to achieve zero vacancies
  • Cooperation with various partners
style 사각형

Why we need professional
property management

  • Return on the operated property

    Profitability due to the leasing revenue and raised asset value

  • Reduction of operating expenses

    Reduction in the maintenance cost due to optimized operation regarding energy management, and taxes and utility bills

  • Measures against risks such as government policies

    Management of legal matters and rapid response to policy changes, etc.

  • Safe facility management

    Periodic routine inspection and 24/7 operation of the safety management center

  • Resolution of complex accounting and receipts, etc.

    Convenient solutions to complex accounting management such as rent receipts

  • Tenant management

    Management of user and client satisfaction, etc.