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Important reference points for property transactions

Important reference points for property transactions

With our experts of architecture, machinery, electricity, firefighting, elevator and others We support you to make a rational decision in real estate business, providing objective operating standards for physical state of building, risk prediction, improvement proposal, cost etc.

  • Experts in due diligence
  • The due diligence is conducted by experienced expert teams that specialize in each area - architecture, machinery, electricity, firefighting, elevators, etc.
  • High-tech equipment
  • We provide high quality information by forecasting any potential risks and conducting objective due diligence with a range of high-tech equipment.
  • High-quality Report
  • We provide efficient and rational measures for improvements that accurately reflect the clients’ requirements.
step 01

Basic inspection

Agreement on the schedule, acquirement of data such as a floor plan licenses

step 02

Technical due diligence

Site investigation and data verification, confirmation of regulatory observance, examination of matters that require improvements

step 03

Report submission

Submission of the result analysis report

  • Due diligence overview, Basic information on the building, main facility status, etc.
  • Main details: Due diligence result by field
  • Cost estimation: Details on the revenue and capital expenditure
  • Detailed due diligence results
  • Content of the client request
  • Office
  • Over 140
  • Retail
  • Over 40
  • Logistics Center
  • Over 50
  • Hotel&Resort
  • Over 50