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Right space, New tenants, and Appropriate conditions

We match the lessors with new tenants to raise the vitality and value of the properties,
and ensure that the tenants are matched with ideal buildings that satisfy their specific leasing needs and improved convenience for the conclusion of lease agreements.

Operating 4 regional offices in major regions

Securing a nationwide network

Based on our optimum database that covers the major buildings and tenants located throughout the nation, we provide leasing consulting services that meet the needs of our clients at all times.


One-stop comprehensive services

We provide one-stop comprehensive services that combine the initial building search, leasing, and interior, among others.

Leasing(L/R) work list
  • Leasing market and environment analysis
  • Target property analysis (Location, space analysis, facility conditions)
  • Leasing marketing(Activity to attract high-quality tenants)
  • Test fit-out
Leasing(T/R) work list
  • Making a moving plan for client’s circumstances.
  • Proposing an feasibility study of leasing for the specific features of each building.
  • Measures to secure the necessary loan to pay the security deposits
  • Agreement on the terms, and contract conclusion
  • Test fit-out and interior advisory service
  • Management service for expired contracts(Restoration, recovery of security deposits, etc.)

Lease inquiries All inquiries will be promptly answered.