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Construction Management

Systematic construction management is essential

We are fully committed to performing successful construction management for every stage from making client-oriented proposals that match the latest trends through to completing management and the prevention of construction risks.

  • CM(Construction Management)

    New construction,
    remodeling, renovation, etc.

  • Remodeling (Value Add)

    Office, officetel, hotel, factory, etc.

  • Property development business

    Residential home, complex, urban restoration project (roadside housing, low-rise housing), policy proposal projects such as government policy projects

  • 01 Target review

    Verification of the budget and potential risks Value addition to the buildings, etc

  • 02 Investigation, Diagnosis

    Analysis of building improvement plans, regulations, tenants for the commercial sphere and M/D

  • 03 Data Analysis

    Consumption trend Short- to long-term property prospect, discovery of potential clients

  • 04 Final plan

    Financial advice, feasibility analysis of cost estimation, facility maintenance, lease confirmation, etc.

  • 05 Designing an construction

    Overall schedule & management

Quality improvements & cost reduction

The best value at a minimal cost offered, The entire process for construction ability, and establish quality control plans established.

Reduction of the construction period

The construction period reduced through fast tracking after conducting a review of the risks and business flexibility secured

Reasonable decision-making

Information timely provided, the sharing speed and efficiency of information improved, and technical advice provided to induce reasonable decision making