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We make world cleaner and
environment-friendly in the future.

New renewable energy, which serves as the engine for future economic growth, prevents any environmental damage and creates a cleaner world. We actively perform renewable energy businesses that constitute the consulting, development, management and control of solar power, fuel cells, and wind power.

Solar power generation

We generate electricity using light energy collected by solar panels. It's easy to maintain and can make enough energy where required.

Fuel cell

It generates electricity and heat energy through the electrochemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen.

Wind power generation

The wind turbine converts wind into electricity. The generated electricity is consumed at home and for industrial purposes or put on the market for sale.

Total solutions that cover the planning, development,
and maintenance of the energy business
box style
  • Project PlanningㆍDevelopment

    Planning and development through analysis

  • Financing

    Application of financial instruments that are ideal for each project Consulting for maximized business returns and structure

  • Engineering

    Consulting for power plants according to the topography under the business design through experts

  • Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC)

    Competitive supply of tools and materials and systematic construction management

  • Operation and Maintenance (O&M)

    Regular inspections to minimize losses through monitoring and follow-up management services

  • 01 Target review

    Verification of the budget and potential risks and value addition to the buildings

  • 02 Investigation and Diagnosis

    Verification of the budget and potential risks and value addition to the buildings

  • 03 Data Analysis

    Consumption trend Short- to long-term property prospect, discovery of potential clients

  • 04 Final plan

    Financial advice, feasibility analysis of cost estimation, facility maintenance, lease confirmation, etc.

  • 05 Designing and construction

    Overall schedule & management